Fire on Canal Street

Fire on Canal Street, originally uploaded by pyjammy.

We had some excitement on Tuesday….

My friend Grace and I took the boys and Liam (another friend’s five year old) to the Roosevelt Hotel to look at the Christmas decorations. After we left the Roosevelt, we stopped at the Walgreens on the corner to get the boys a snack. Grace went down to my van to put some more money in the meter.

When she returned, she said we should get out of Walgreens – the building next door was on fire!

In the picture, you can see the fire on the building, and my minivan parked a few doors down. (Thankfully not directly in front of the fire.) We had to get a fireman to retrieve it for me, since the street was all blocked off. Exciting! And for once, the boys weren’t what everyone walking down the street was staring at.

2 thoughts on “Fire on Canal Street

  1. Denee Koonce

    Hey Pam, my husband, Will, and I were in the quarter on Tuesday morning checking out of the Marriott a few blocks down and we saw the same fire. Hope everyone got out okay.


  2. Grandma Scott

    How do you familes do it I only had them one at a time. I am just out bloging and came onto your site nice. I am a children’s book writer come check out my work hugs G


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