T minus 3 days…

…til my birthday! I’m a big fan of birthdays, especially my own. Heh. Even if I will be three-and-a-half decades old. That’s okay because George (and my brother) will be forty this year, so I am still young compared to them.

My dream is to sleep late on Saturday. That’s what I want as a gift. That’s all. (Oh, and another Wii remote so George can play the new Super Mario Bros with me.) 8 am would even be fine! 9 would be preferable, but while I trust that my dear, sweet, loving husband will get up with the boys and entertain them for a while, I will be needed to help get them downstairs for breakfast and such.

But ooh, wouldn’t it be fun to have a family birthday breakfast at a restaurant? I might be pushing my luck on that one…

I even get to go to a birthday party on Saturday! Not my own, but for a friend’s 7 year old. I think 7 year old birthday parties are probably more fun than 35 year old birthday parties. More cake. Maybe David will let me open some of his presents. Hmmm….

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5 thoughts on “T minus 3 days…

  1. Mandy

    Try for the family breakfast out. We used to do Puccinos on veterans and transcontinental (before dairy allergy). Bribe them with ice milk maybe and wear a bday crown! Dennys is nice too (but sometimes too busy for us depending on the day). At Puccino’s you can also get muffins to hold everyone until food arrives. Only problem is the drive. Happy Early Birthday.


  2. Jennifer

    Happy Early Birthday! I turn 30 on Friday 🙂 I’ll be spending my day cleaning the house and playing with the boys. Have fun on Saturday and I hope you get to sleep in til’ 9!


  3. MrsAmyB

    Happy early birthday to us! 🙂 Breakfast out sounds like a great plan for you! Also, Super Mario Brothers is really bad for my blood pressure…but oh, so fun! Have a great week!


  4. Ann

    Happy Early birthday to you :)!!!
    Wish your dreams come true.. can get more nap maybe until 9.30am..hehe
    For me.. i will go foor good food restaurant which has birthday privilege – such as free gift or discount :).
    Hope you enjoy ur day!

    Today (7Jan) is my best friend birthday 🙂


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