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When I was younger, I was very into photography. At the age of ten or so, I got my first SLR camera, a Pentax K1000. I took a photography class that included darkroom time and fell in love.

I continued taking classes here and there during the summers and dreamed about having a house with my own darkroom. In high school, I was president of our school’s photo club and had unlimited access to the darkroom and film and photo paper and chemicals. (If only I wasn’t such a nerd, I might have used it for more nefarious purposes. Heh.)

At LSU, I was briefly on the photo staff of The Reveille, taking photos for stories and “wilds” (those candid photos of squirrels and people studying in the quad that took up space on page 4) but kind of drifted away from photography not long after that. I was just too shy to take photos of people I didn’t know. (Though there was one time when a writer and I had to hide behind a bench on the field at Tiger Stadium while some guy proposed to his girlfriend at a picnic on the 50 yard line on Valentine’s Day night. That was kind of neat.)

I still don’t like taking pictures of people I don’t know, which is I guess why I didn’t pursue photography further. And darkrooms are obviously not as necessary anymore, and that was probably one of my favorite facets of photography. Plus, I had a mean photography teacher in college, so I didn’t go beyond a single course there.

But now it’s fun again. I have willing subjects, and a decent camera. I have a whopping three lenses now, and I just ordered this Lightscoop off Amazon (thanks to a gift card I had.) It should help me with my indoor photos and therefore my 365 photos project. (Check out Becoming Mom for more details and a chance to win a Lightscoop!)

I’d like to get lighting somewhere between here:

and here:

I would love, love, love to take a photography course now. I hardly ever take my camera off auto mode, and I’d love to take better pictures of the boys. We’ll see. One day.

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6 thoughts on “Photography stuff

  1. amber

    Oh, you should def. take a refresher course! Especially since you already know the basics, I bet you’d fall back into it much faster than you think . 🙂


  2. Lisa

    Thanks for sharing about the the giveaway. I have never heard of this product but it is exactly something I could use. I just got a DSLR camera for Christmas and I have been discouraged with my either too dark shots or ones that look grey/white.

    I agree you should take a class but I know trying to find “me” time is almost impossible.


  3. Helen

    Teach yourself how to shoot in manual. I’ve been learning how to adjust all kinds of settings, including the brightness of the flash. It’s made life much easier (although I still end up with some shots that are way off if I’m not paying attention).

    I too want to take a photography course! I keep watching the local community college class schedules for one 🙂


  4. Angela

    You have got to take Karen Russell’s online photography class. It is amazing!!!!!! Her website is She has a waiting list that is a mile long but she is about to open up the opportunity to audit classes for a reduced fee. Just getting your hands on her lessons would be worth the cost.


  5. Jessica

    Well Pam, I just want to say I’ve always admired your pictures (and your boys)! My last few posts have been about photography too! I have so much to learn!!

    btw – we’re thinking of crib tents, and I see you have them… What are you’re thoughts? You like them? I’m afraid my wild child will freak out or figure out how to dismantle the entire thing in 1 night…



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