Miles of smiles….

Now we just need to get rid of the pacifiers, but I’m not quite ready for the hours and hours of screaming this is going to entail.

8 thoughts on “01/08/10

  1. Christina

    I’m at 22 months with my girls and they still have paci’s. I can’t take them yet. They only have them at naps, bedtime, and when they are having a bad day, lol. I don’t see them going away for a long time…why bother with the headache? They won’t kill them. 🙂


  2. Kay Green, Child Safety Mama

    What I did was at about 12 months limited them to bed and car seat. And then when I was ready to get rid of the trimmed a bit of the nipple off off so they did not suck the same. My daughter said uh-oh broken and I showed her where to throw it away. It took a few days thru all the binky’s in the house and voila she was finished and fine


  3. Mandy

    He’s just too cute. Hope your birthday was great. Does it matter yet about the pacifier? If daycare hasn’t said anything and it’s not noticeably affecting his speech can you wait until he’s closer to three? It seems like three is a good age for big kid stuff like new beds and potty training and giving up pacifiers. Especially since he might decide on his own by then that Big boys don’t need pacifiers. You could start pointing out all the “babies” with pacifiers (without judging him) to plant the seed. It’s how we r gearing up for the real potty training.


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