Operation: Binky-Be-Gone

So here we are, at almost two and a half, and Miles and Linus still have their binkies. I am soooooo almost ready to get rid of them. I say “almost” because I really like to sleep.

My little vampire
But Miles looks like a vampire. His front two teeth are pushed way up because of the binky. Linus’s too. Oliver’s, on the other hand, look fine.

I have a plan, though. Tell me what you think.

First, I want Oliver out of the picture. It’s not fair to him to have to listen to his brothers scream all night on either side of him, so I’ll send him to Granny and Grandpa’s for some serious spoiling. This is his reward for finding his thumb way back when. (And yes, I’m aware that one day we may be dealing with thumb-sucking issues, but I don’t care!)

Then, we’ll take Miles and Linus to that Build-A-Bear place and let them make a stuffed animal. They’ll put their binky in the animal, and it will then get all sewn up. (Lots of people have asked me if I worry that they’ll rip open the bears to get at their binkies. Well, gosh, I sure hope the bears are sewn better than that!

I like this idea because it gives them a comfort object to replace the binky. (I suppose this step had better take place on the way to Granny and Grandpa’s house, so that Oliver can get one too.)

And then I will stop at Walgreens to get some earplugs so I can sleep that night.


I should mention that they do not have their binkies at daycare. And they nap there, so I know they can do it. They go all day without them during the week, and often on the weekends too. It’s nighttime I’m worried about.

Has anyone gotten rid of binkies this way?

I’m not sure when O:B-B-G will take place. Probably after my trip to Canada in June. Maybe sometime in July?

Hold me, I’m scared.

Whaddya mean, you’re taking away my bink???

27 thoughts on “Operation: Binky-Be-Gone

  1. Amy Drouet

    Hey Pam – We got rid of Logan’s at 18 months. I’m not sure if this would work for you since your boys are older than he was, but we just waited until we were out late one night and he was exhausted. We put him to bed without it and he was so tired so he just conked out. And then we hid them all.His naps were screwy for a couple weeks, but he didn’t really fuss much about it. I’m guessing at 2.5 your guys might take it harder, but you might still want to make sure they’re super super tired that first night. Like make them run a marathon tired. πŸ™‚


  2. amber

    Good luck. I was a total binky girl, not sure when my mom nipped it in the bud, but years later and my teeth are golden and I can sleep just fine. πŸ˜‰ Hang in there and maybe keep an extra set of earplugs handy?


  3. Lease

    I think putting their binkies in Build-a-Bear is a wonderful idea. I hope it goes much smoother than you expect and minimal sleep is lost.


  4. Julie

    Long time listener, first time caller… er? I wanted to share my binky-be-gone story for you to give you a ray of hope!

    Earlier this year, we were approaching our son’s 3rd birthday and he was still a big-time binky addict. His teeth looked just like your sweet little guy’s up there. Fortunately (?) he got in the habit of chewing on them, and once they ripped we made a big deal about trashing them. We warned him for a few months that the time would come and they’d all be ruined. Sure enough, he bit through the last one and we said, ‘sorry, that’s it.’ We let him have it that last night, then the next night braved for the worst. He didn’t even ask for it! For weeks, we kept waiting for the other shoe to drop, and it never happened. Fast forward a few months, we were cleaning and found one hiding under the couch. He said, ‘hey, a bink!’ and put it in his mouth. We reminded him that he didn’t use it anymore, and the kid actually walked over to the trash can and threw it away on his own. My jaw hit the floor!

    The postscript: he’s been bink free for about 4 months and his have settled in nicely. No more vampire!

    I wish you luck with your plan — it sounds like a solid approach, and so nice that you want to spare Oliver from the brunt of it. Your boys are adorable πŸ™‚


  5. Sarah

    I was going to break my oldest when he turned 2, but instead I added twins to the mix, so we waited until Connor was almost 3. We told him that we had to give his pacifier to his new cousin. We practiced at night, taking it from him and telling him we had to get it ready for baby reid. After a few nights of this, we told him that tomorrow we were giving it to baby reid and he would not be using it anymore. It actually went pretty well. We also used that approach with potty training, since he was/is quite obsessed w/ his diapers. We told him that his cousin needed them and that he had to move on to other things.

    I’ve had friends who had great luck with the build-a-bear. Good luck to you and the boys!


  6. Tena

    That is such a great idea! I’ll have to remember that in case one of J’s future sibs has a binky attachment. Good luck! You may want to have Oliver do a Build a Bear with the grandparents, just so he isn’t the only kid without one.


  7. Dodge34

    The Binky fairy is the key I guess, look at my comments in your last post about it, it works so much better, I don’t say your idea isn’t good, but the binky fairy worked for 4 of my cousins here. and they receive a big boy gift for it. Stuffed bears are good, but they shouldn’t put the binky inside of it cause they could find a way to get it (trust me they are stronger than you can expect if they really want something out they will find their way in the bear…), they should be forced to pay with their binky at the cash register if they want their bear, I know it can work too.


  8. Erin

    I will be stalking you to see if this works LOL. My boys just turned 2 and use theirs only for bed and nap times….but I am ready to get rid of them.

    So stressful though, on top of that we need to potty train AND move to big boy beds…ahhhh.

    What if we just ignore it..do you think the binkies will just go away, and they’ll train themselves to go potty? No?? One can only wish.


    1. pyjammy

      Oh Erin, and I am MORE scared of big boy beds and potty training! Hopefully after the binky stuff, it’ll be a piece of cake.


  9. Stephanie

    I just want to say GOOD LUCK! It maybe easier then you think to get rid of them. You just need a plan (the one you have sounds good) and you have to stay strong and not give in to them! Ya never know they may give them up without a fight!



  10. Kitty

    I don’t think it’s such a big problem. I was a binky girl, too. I took it everywhere with me. I was 6 yrs old when I realised that this binky thing is already sticky and I decided I throw out them. My mom didn’t force it, because she saw those crazy binkies soothing me everytime. And not because she was lazy or a bad mother but I think she knew this will be my choice. She knew that sooner or later, but I’ll feel it sticky and she was right. And.. my milk teeth looked like Miles’s and Linus’ teeth but… that’s the past, those teeth fell out. And my permanent teeth look absolutely normal, I didn’t need retainer. Okay, that’s only my story and my opinion. πŸ˜€ I wish you good luck with this thing!


  11. Carrie

    I think it will go better than you think it will.

    I think the build-a-bear idea is a good one. If you let them think this is THEIR idea then they will be more open to it.

    One of our twins (Ethan) just decided at 20 months he was done with his soosie. They are now 27 months old. Our other twin (Liam) LOVES his soosie (and his blanket). But their daycare just started putting both blanket and soother away during the day until nap time. I was shocked when Liam just went along with it. We tried this at home one weekend and he was totally fine with it. We would fly him like an airplane upstairs after his morning milk and he would willingly drop his both blanket and soother in to the crib. Now he leaves them both in his crib as soon as he gets up.

    When he is upset he will sometimes just say “benket soosit” (blanket/soother)lovingly but he’s not really asking for them. In the early days when he occasionlly asked for them we would say that blanket and soosie are for nap time and bed time. He would just go along with it!

    When it comes time to give it up for nap time and bed time I hope it goes as easily.

    My point (and I do have one) is that they are probably more ready than you think they are. And I don’t think it will go as badly as you think it will. I say try it this weekend. But then I’m crazy like that.

    Good luck!!!!



  12. jo

    Hi Pam,

    It might not be all that bad. Of my trio, one boy never took a paci – not even in the NICU, the other for a couple of months and then lost interest, but now my DD, well that was another story. She LOVED her paci. But around 18 months, we decided it was time to go, and began to limit it to crib and car only, then to just crib, and finally (after they were recalled which helped – lol) we mailed ours to the “paci fairy” and she got a package in the mail in return – a stuffed dog. Never was a big issue at all, surprisingly.

    I might have waited later but one, I hated seeing her beautiful face hidden by a paci in the photos, and two, they were recalled – LOL. So chin up, it may be a non-issue.
    BTW – your boys are adorable!




  13. Kari

    It is so much easier for day care to take them away I am sure. All my day care kids have given theirs up by a year, naptime and all but the minute a parent walks in they want it and they come back each day with it in their mouths and put it on the shelf in front of their parent for the whole day. I am hoping I can get mine to do that but I am sure it will be a lot harder!


  14. Maria Carlson

    I like your plan. It sounds good to me πŸ˜€ For us, we took the pacis away when the girlies were ~4mo. Just got tired of the pacis falling out at bed/nap time and the constant paci patrol. Now though, the girlies all suck their thumbs. Brielle especially. I try to limit them to thumbs just in their beds but they’re too quick for me sometimes and just pop them in here and there. But they are good to take them out when I say “thumb out!” Ha! πŸ˜‰ I have NO plan on stopping the thumb sucking. Oh well πŸ˜›

    Good luck Pam! Praying all goes well with the paci removals πŸ˜‰
    -Maria (mom to 2yo GGGG and a 6yo boy)


  15. lani

    I love the build a bear idea! You know… I don’t think it will be that bad.. Maybe for a day or two. I didn’t have any cool tricks, I just took the darn things away one day and dealt with a little crying before naptime and bedtime for a couple days, and that was it. Since your boys dont even use them at daycare, I think it will be no biggie for you guys:)
    I will say though… there are some days I wish I could bring back the paci. The amount of whining goes way up when there’s nothing blocking the noise- ha! We actually found a bag of pacis that we forgot we had the other day and for a millisecond, I considered it!


  16. Michelle

    It’s not going to be that bad. I say two/three nights max and only for a little while. Good luck!! Been there, done that. We did it at 18 months.


  17. Andrea

    All 3 of my kids had binkies – only for bed beyond about 6 months except the youngest, it was a binky or me and I was pretty tired by that point! My oldest was just about 2 when he noticed that his baby sister had a binky. I told him they were for babies and he could give her his and get something even cooler to replace it. Sure enough he took it out if his mouth, put it in hers (I tried not to flinch – she was a 34 week preemie after all!) and wanted his cool surpise! I managed to scrounge up a sticker and sure enough that was it. He asked for it a couple of nights but I reminded him it was Rachel’s now.
    My daughter lost her very last remaining binky right after her second birthday. Oh well! She cried a little that first night but she also had a blanky (stinky we called it) so I think she soothed with that.
    The baby also lost his (my husband thought that was shady and that I had actually hidden it but I didn’t HONEST) around 20 months. I was not going to buy a new one at that point! He cried a bit that first night but that was it.
    The moral of my story is that they were all more ready than I thought they would be! The boys will surprise you πŸ™‚
    Oh and FWIW I was a binky lover – at 3 my mom made me gather them all up and throw them away in exchange for a big girl bed. I was a sly one though b/c she found binkie all over the house for months after that! So make sure you know where they all are before you start OBBG


  18. Kay Green, Child Safety Mama

    The build-a-bear things is a great idea. However I agree with another person, have them pay with the binky.

    What I did was at age 12 months start limiting it to bed and car seat only. Then drop the car seat option.

    Then at age 18-20 months ours got the “binky disease” I cut a small part of the tip off so they do not suck correctly. She told me it was broke. And I let her throw it away. We did one by one over a couple of days until they were all gone.

    Worked great.


  19. erin

    I’m about to take Delaney’s nuk away too, so this is perfect timing. I tried one other time, but she would wake up in the middle of the night and not be able to fall asleep, so she got it back. Hopefully we don’t go through that again!

    What I’ve been doing for the moment is just not offering it. I realized I gave it to her, she never asked for it. So now she doesn’t get it unless she asks, which she did last night when her molars were really bothering her. I’m hopeful this time will be easier!


  20. Kati

    I have no suggestions, as Penelope is only 11 months old and I am in BIG FAT DENIAL about having to deal with it later.

    However, I do have an unrelated question that this picture brings up. Has anyone ever told you that the boys look like I imagine Matt Damon did when he was wee?


  21. Jill

    I have a vampire boy too!!! My 3 are so attached to their soothies too at 20 months and I have no plans on taking them away anytime soon. Although after reading your post that the vampire teeth are from the soothie, maybe I should consider it. Do you know if they go back to normal after the soothie is gone?


  22. Kelly Daigle

    You are way better than me. LOL. I cut the tips off of all the binkies. They tested each one out. One by One times the three of them and they decided that they were broken. I said well I guess that dog came and chewed em up last night, so now you have to throw them in the trash. They threw them away on their own!! So I closed up the trash bag and put them out. That night there was a little crying but not too bad. I took mine away at like 18 months though.


  23. esther

    Pam, hi..I don’t think that one of my twin boys was as attached to the paci as perhaps your boys, but still, eric was quite fond of it! at 18 months i decided to take it away col-turkey as I felt that it would prohibit him from talking more/learning to talk and the whole teeth-thing. well, i truly did it cold-turkey and really, he needed it less than i though. he only cried/fussed for maybe 10 minutes the first night and that’s it. maybe your boys are more ready than “it meets the eye”? good luck, though!!! you can do it!


  24. Holli

    I don’t know if this will work for your boys because they are older, but for my son I poked a hole in the end of his pacifier so that he couldn’t really suck on it, then I made the hole bigger for two days until I cut the tip of the nipple off on the third day. It left a hole at the end so it didn’t feel the same in his mouth, and he didn’t want it anymore. No tears because it was his choice, not mine. Worked like a charm.


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