Back in the USA

So I’m just now getting back into the swing of things after my work trip. It was a doozy. Flew to NYC on Saturday, had dinner with friends that night, spent the night at a friend’s house in the cutest town ever, drove to Toronto, had conference, drove back on Saturday, came home on Sunday. Whew.

I shamefully didn’t take many pictures, even though I brought my camera. Most of the pictures I’ve already posted. But here are a few that I haven’t.

New Yawwwwk!

2010-06-05 18.15.14

Yet another picture I took from my hotel room window:

2010-06-12 14.15.10

New York State, between Buffalo and Long Island!


The drive to and from Toronto was long, but so scenic. It took us 11 hours to get there, and 14 to get back. Yeesh! But I was with fun people, so that made it go by a bit faster.

While in Toronto, I was mostly confined to the basement-level conference area, but there was fun to be had. When we weren’t sitting in sessions, there were card games and dancing and a murder mystery. So, you know, something different.

Next year, the conference is in Boise. I’ve never been to Idaho, so that should be interesting.

5 thoughts on “Back in the USA

  1. Sarah

    Ooh, I live in Boise! It’s a great place, especially in the summer. Lots of fun downtown shopping and beautiful scenery. If you’re coming to Idaho, Boise is the place to be.


  2. Andrea

    I hope you waved when you drove by me – I’m about an hour east of Buffalo!!! NYS is truly a gorgeous state – thanks for the (outsider) reminder πŸ™‚


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