Got a new minivan for the week while mine gets some repairs. The boys kept asking “where’s OUR car, Mommy?”

One thought on “07/12/10

  1. Karyn

    Hey—I read your blog because I have twins that are about 6 months younger than your guys and when I was pregnant, I used to see your posts on the bump (i lurked occasionally on multiples) and think they were so cute!…and they still are! Anyway, I see in this picture that they have the fischer price carseats, which is what we have. The problem is the cover is constantly coming off of the back part of mine and it drives me insane. I see yours are neatly pulled back in this pic. Do you know what I am talking about and do you have this problem or are mine defective or is the way i am putting it on defective? help please!


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