We had the sofa bed pulled out in the playroom, and the boys had fun reading their Curious George books on it.

I may faint now.

I just got a call from the casting company, wanting the boys to come back tomorrow morning for a second audition. Eeep! Apparently they’re auditioning little girls for the role of the big sister, and I suppose they want to see how the kids get along? Who knows, just wish us luck!

Oh, Linus did something really sweet yesterday. Miles was sitting in the middle row, and Linus was directly behind him. As we drove away from George’s parents’ house, Linus started freaking out, screaming and crying. (I know, real cute, eh?) When he finally calmed down enough to hear what he was saying, I realized he thought we left Miles back at Granny and Grandpa’s house. When we had Miles raise his hand so Linus could see it, he immediately calmed down.

Is that not the sweetest thing ever? Heart…melt.



Linus and Miles were trying on potential Halloween costumes here. Only problem is, there isn’t a great third costume for Oliver! Ah well, we have time.

Anyway, I like this picture because it looks like they’re having a conference.


I cleaned up and organized the playroom this weekend, and the boys rediscovered some old puzzles. I put literally 75% of their toys in bins in the closet, and now they have just enough to play and not have every surface of the house covered in toys and pieces of toys. Ahhhhh….


George and the boys after the audition. We were waiting for the rain to slack off a bit so I could go get the van.

The audition

Okay, so perhaps the boys weren’t quite cut out to be models…so maybe movie stardom is their fate instead?

Yesterday was their first audition, for the film adaptation of On the Road. They’d be playing a little boy named Ray, son of the character Marylou, played by everyone’s favorite vampire-lover, Kristen Stewart.

So in spite of the day’s rain, we got to the casting office with a little time to spare. Tee, George and I read them their dinosaur books while other sets of twins hung out with their parents.



There was a set that looked about a year old, and a set that looked maybe the same age as the boys, and another set somewhere in between. It’s possible that I’m a tiny bit biased, but I think our boys were the cutest. (But I suppose the other moms were thinking the same about their kids. I hope!) Also, we were the only ones who didn’t dress their kids exactly alike. The boys were wearing the same outfits, but in different colors. I wanted the casting people to be able to tell them apart, but then again, maybe they don’t want to be able to? Hmm. But I think I made the right decision, because they asked me which boy was which and I was able to tell them by color. What would the other parents have told them? “Oh, Bobby is the one with the slightly fuller cheeks”?

They were being a bit clingy, which worried me, but to my delight, when we were called into the audition room, they went willingly. George, Tee, and I had to wait outside of the actual filming room while the boys auditioned.

One of the casting people explained that in the scene they were casting, the little boy would be asleep on his Daddy’s chest, and then Mommy would pick him up and transfer him to his bed. Still sleeping. Still pretending to be asleep. Call me crazy, but they wanted one year olds to do this? The ad I responded to was looking for one year old twins, but I cannot imagine one year olds knowing how to pretend to be asleep. So I’m thinking their age will be an advantage here.

I know they were taking pictures of the boys, and getting them on film. I could hear them saying things like “hug your brother” and then a lot of “good job!”s, which is promising. I was so happy that no one cried or whined or anything. I was truly shocked that they willingly went into the room with the cameras, without me and George. Clearly, they are naturals. Heh.

After about ten minutes, the boys came out, and then one at a time, they went back into the room. I guess to see how they were on their own. Again, no tears or anything. Oliver did bust in while Linus was in the room, though. There might be a touch of codependency going on, but I thought it was kind of sweet.

And that was it, really. They said they’d know something by the end of the week, so now we just cross our fingers and hope for the best!

(And I do realize that if they don’t get it, it’s no big deal. It would just be fun if they did.)


“Look Mom, here’s how you set the DVR to record Backyardigans.”

Linus being a stereotypical guy.

Five years

You know, I kind of feel like a fraud for posting about Katrina. We didn’t lose much, our house was mostly fine, and our lives pretty much got back to normal pretty quickly. But it’s hard to avoid thinking about it, so I may as well post something.

Let’s see. Five years ago, I was up to my eyeballs in wedding planning. Our wedding was scheduled for November 12, 2005. I had my very first dress fitting scheduled for Saturday, August 27. I was insanely excited about it. I adored my wedding dress, and when George said I might need to reconsider driving an hour north to the dress shop when we should be getting ready to evacuate…well, I declined.


The thing is, on Friday night, no one thought much of Katrina. But there was a Saints game that night, so no one was watching the weather. No one except George (who hates football.) So he got up bright and early on Saturday to board up the windows, and I headed to my dress fitting. People were walking by the house as George nailed up the plywood, looking at him like he was nuts.

My plan was to go directly to my mom’s after that (an hour west of the dress fitting) for my sister’s friend’s baby shower. I loaded up the car with enough clothes for the weekend, and George was going to meet me at my mom’s later that day, after he was done with the house stuff.

By Saturday afternoon, people were starting to realize this was going to be a big deal. George barely managed to get Stinky (the cat) into her carrier, and thank god he did. We still thought we’d be home by Tuesday, so he considered just leaving her at the house with a ton of food and water.

To make a potentially very long story short, thirteen people, two dogs, a cat and a bird ended up staying at my mom’s house to ride out the storm. One friend didn’t know where her husband was. No one knew if their houses were flooded or destroyed. We ended up staying at my mom’s house for a few weeks, then we drove up to Washington DC to get away from it all for a while. Upon returning, George was all set to go back to our house, when Hurricane Rita hit, and the city was once again closed.

It was a frustrating time. Too many people in a house not meant to hold that many. Too many people in a city (Baton Rouge) not meant to hold that many. But we were so lucky. We did have to move our wedding from New Orleans to Baton Rouge, but no matter. It was beautiful and our friends and family were there. We went on an awesome honeymoon in England and Wales.

Anyway. Sorry for the nonsensical post.

Five years. Woo hoo.


I figured out how to get good, happy pictures of the boys. Tell them they can look at the picture of themselves on the back of the camera and then they’ll be all “CHEEEEEEESE!”

(This is Oliver, by the way.)

Then and Now

I just found this picture of Miles from February 1, 2009, and thought it was cute, next to a picture I took last weekend on the same (well, almost) toy at the zoo:

You can totally tell that’s the same kid, eh? Just a little bit bigger now.