I am fancy. And other weekend stuff too.

I already posted one picture from Friday’s dinner, but now I’m going to post more details about it, so I can go back and remind myself about the time I was fancy.

So the dinner was for my friend Alicia’s birthday. A milestone birthday that actually took place last year, but her husband was very sick and she was very pregnant, so the timing wasn’t great to celebrate it then. So she invited about a dozen of her closest girlfriends to dine at the restaurant where her husband (now fully recovered) is the executive chef.

I mean, the man has his name on the plates. That is fancy!
2010-08-06 20.14.18

When we got into the private room, it was decorated beautifully (as you saw in Friday’s picture) and fancy cocktails were served, along with fancy champagne and fancy wine (the kind that doesn’t come from a box.)

Of course the food was amazing…the menu:
2010-08-06 20.14.35

The dessert:
2010-08-06 23.01.59

The second dessert:
2010-08-06 23.17.09

Ahh, it was fancy.

The rest of the weekend wasn’t quite as fancy, but it was pretty fun. I took the boys to Target to pick up some medicine, but to bribe them, I first got them popcorn at the Target cafe (definitely not fancy.)
2010-08-07 12.58.08

Then we went to my cousin’s house for dinner (somewhat fancy) and the boys played with matchbox cars.
2010-08-07 18.57.53

On Sunday, I packed the boys up to go to the Northshore to hang out with Ren and her girls. First, we went to a splashpad (place with lots of fountains for kids to run around in) at the Mandeville trailhead (for locals who are wondering) but the boys were having none of it. Sigh. They just stood around and watched the other kids.




After that, we fed them lunch, Ren put them down for a nap (bless her) and then we went to her mom’s house for swimming, which thank goodness the boys participated in. I wish I had pictures of them in the pool, but since I was in the pool, making sure they weren’t drowning, that wasn’t possible. I do, however, have a picture of Linus with the “baby whale” he floated with.

They also ate a lot of chips.


And then we came home and that was the end of our tiring but fun weekend.

Mama needs a nap.

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4 thoughts on “I am fancy. And other weekend stuff too.

  1. Helen

    Fancy indeed! Those desserts look AWESOME! And I totally laughed out loud when I saw the first picture following the fanciness was a picture of the boys in a Target cafe. Ahhhh, such is life šŸ™‚


  2. Mandy

    Looks like a scrumptious dinner ! I always start our target trips with a bribe – for us it’s a bag of lays to share, a coke for mama, and an apple juice for Annabel. I’d never get any shopping done without bribes in my corner.


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