I Heart Faces – Linus is cool.

Linus is cool., originally uploaded by pyjammy.

For the first time, I’m entering a photo over at the weekly I Heart Faces challenge. This week’s challenge is “Got to Wear Shades” and here’s my entry. That would be Linus, wearing my sunglasses. They look pretty good on him, though, don’t you think?

8 thoughts on “I Heart Faces – Linus is cool.

  1. Valeria

    PAM!!!! so happy to see you there! it’s a great site! in over a year I’ve earned a lot, I love it! great entry by the way! check out mine!


  2. Valeria

    me too! only two weeks! booooo! I have a code though! do you think it will work overseas too? a friend gave it to me, she has a pc, I have a MAC, we have to find out if the code will work the same….can I write this??? am I going to be arrested???


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