Super fun weekend!

It was an awesome, fun weekend, but I am so happy it’s Monday because it was also exhausting.

Friday night, the fun started with a trip to the grocery store. Okay, maybe the fun started on Saturday…

Saturday, the day started bright ‘n’ early for my friend Regan‘s son’s birthday party. My friend Alex was riding with us to the party, so on the way to her house, I had to stop at a Walgreens to get a card (which I of course forgot to leave at the party. Duh.) The boys were pretty good, but when we got to the checkout, the cashier was all, “COME SEEEEE! IT’S IDENTICAL TRIPLETS!!!” and of course every woman over 50 came to see the freak show boys and ooh and aah over them. If I sound like I’m complaining, I’m really not. You know I love the attention. Heh.

On to the zoo for the party. I’d been hyping up the zoo for days, and the boys were v excited to see the animals. I was v excited to eat cake. The party was very nice, the cake was yummy, and we got tickets to ride the carousel, which was a HUGE hit. I don’t have any pictures on the carousel, because that puppy was spinning fast, and it was all I could do to keep the boys from flying off and from vomiting myself. But I do have some party pics…

Miles shoving cake in his face as fast as he can (he is his mother’s son)

Mmm, cake!


The birthday boy. And yes, his eyes really are that blue. (And the lipstick on the cheek kills me.)

After the party, the boys played on the playground at the zoo with the other kids, and it was the first time I could sit on the bench and just let them play. That was awesome. That’s one part of this age I’m really liking.

Oh wait! I forgot, we did have something Friday. It was the boys’ “award ceremony” at daycare. It’s really a graduation for the kids going on the kindergarden, but we can’t leave out the little ones, right? Well, the boys were not thrilled that they had to sit with the kids and Mommy had to sit by the Mommies.



Notice no other kids are crying….


(I can’t remember all the awards they got, but there was a “Knows His ABCs” somewhere in there.)

There’s more to the weekend, but I need a break. Will post more later.

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3 thoughts on “Super fun weekend!

  1. Helen

    Ahhhh… nothing like crying pictures to brighten your day. LOL!

    And don’t you just love that you can sit on your butt and play referee at a playground now? I LOVE it!


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