I’m alive…

…just busy with two kids of different ages. I’ve got new respect for parents of non-multiples. Ha ha!

We’ve been to a farm and last night we saw Toy Story on Ice and today we’re going to the National Zoo.


Linus’s head, just before it exploded from seeing Woody and Buzz and Jessie and Hamm and Mr Potato Head etc etc etc



2 thoughts on “I’m alive…

  1. immererin

    I agree – my kids heads would also explode into a puddle of indiscernible goo if they saw mr potato head on ice…not to mention woody and buzz… but fun!


  2. Grandee

    Larry and I took Miles and Oliver to the neighborhood Octoberfest. They were not impressed, did not like the food or the clown and wanted to come home and wash his hands. My friend Alice is bringing her grandson -same age over for dinner so the boys can meet a new friend. We will see how that goes.
    Breakfast was a disaster, not ham and eggs for them, just rice cakes with peanut butter.
    Hope we do better at dinner.


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