I forgot to post about this, but it’s too good not to.

So remember how poor Linus had the terrible poison ivy while we were in Virginia?

Well, I was talking to my mom (she had the other two) and she said (before I even mentioned Linus’s poison ivy) that Miles was complaining that he was itchy. And he was scratching himself all over, but there was no rash, no bumps, nothing. Meanwhile, Linus is next to me, scratch-scratch-scratching away.

Spooooooooky! It’s the psychic bond I was warned about!


(Here’s what Linus’s rash looked like. Poor bunny.)

5 thoughts on “Spooky!

  1. Jessica Punk Rock Momma

    I am an identical twin and yes there is a spooky bond between twins. Me and my sister can buy the same exact outfit and be in two different cities. We can feel when the other one is sick and have actually lost a tooth on opposite sides of the mouth at the same time.


  2. Suzanne

    Yes I’ve heard of it but thought it was only with identicals. I have triplet boys but not identical and we were at the ER with one of them getting stitches and the other two home with MIL and Alex (who was getting stitches) says, “Can I see the cellphone I have to see if Lukey is okay” and I hand it to him and he calls our home phone and says, “Grandma can I talk to Lukey” and “Lukey you okay, your head okay” I hear lukey whining so I grab the phone and my MIL says, “Yes, Lukey just fell and bumped his head how did you know” and I said, “I didn’t Alex said he had to call Lukey to make sure he’s okay” They are 4 yrs old
    Poor little guys:(


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