35 months old! My boys are going to be three in a month. My god. How did that happen?

(And yes, that’s a band-aid on Linus’s forehead. Not sure why.)

Man, I haven’t taken a picture of them on this loveseat in over a year. Look at the first time I took their monthly picture on it!

5 thoughts on “11/4/10

  1. Dodge34

    You can’t stop them growing up, sorry, sometimes we wish they would stay babies forever, but it doesn’t happen, at same time, babies need more attention than toddlers, bottles in middle of the night, rocking them to sleep, lot more diaper changes than toddlers… List goes on and on.


  2. Linda

    Time flies! I was thinking in your latest photo of them that they suddenly looked bigger and more grown up. Enjoy the countdown to the birthday!


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