Five years!

Five years ago, George and I got married.

FIVE YEARS? How did that happen? I’ll tell you how that happened. Linus, Oliver, and Miles happened. I remember celebrating our second anniversary. I was exceedingly pregnant, and it felt like we’d been married forever. Now, in the blink of an eye, three more years have passed. So we’ve had two calm, happy, fun years and three chaotic, happy, and fun years. 🙂

Five years ago, we had to re-plan our wedding in the wake of Katrina and move it 75 miles away. But it ended up being the best wedding I’ve ever been to. 🙂






Mafia Wedding




petal toss

Don’t you want to tell these innocent kids that their lives are going to be turned upside down in two years?


11 thoughts on “Five years!

  1. Grandee

    Your wedding had to have divine intervention. I will never forget the morning you came to me after Katrina and asked what are we going to do about my wedding? The invitations were ready to be mailed and I could see no way to pull it off for the same day. Thanks to Father Young at St. Joseph’s Cathedral for his help.I guess my 10 years of lecturing with him did not hurt. It seemed it just a couple of hours we were back on schedule and the only thing lost were the invitations. Even the post office refunded the stamps from the return mail.
    You and George have been truly blessed. As I am to have such a wonderful family.
    Happy Anniversary.
    Mom and Larry


  2. Kristie

    i love looking at your wedding photos… so classic and gorgeous. everything looks timeless which means you did a fantastic job planning everything!


  3. Aunt Deanne

    Happy Anniversary to you both! You were such a beautiful and radiantly happy bride. With all you had to go through thanks to Katrina, your wedding was perfect in every way.


  4. Judi

    I had forgotten just how gorgeous your dress was. Last night James and I stopped by the Pub and had a pint in George and your honor.


  5. Jennifer

    Gosh, Pam, you looked gorgeous on your wedding day! Happy Anniversary! I’m sorry I’m almost a week late, but they blocked blogger at work so I can only hop on to visit my favorites when I have free time at home! ugh.


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