Ignore the messy bathroom and dirty mirror, just look at my little shark Miles. Cute, eh?

One thought on “11/16/10

  1. Anna

    Hi there! I recently came across your blog while googling ideas for getting rid of the pacifier and came across your post from May where you were gearing up to take the pacis away from 2 of your 3 boys. I became especially interested because my son was born the day before your boys and is still terribly addicted to his paci, which he named “Ry-Ry”. He sleeps with one in his mouth and one in his hand! Also like your boys, he doesn’t have one at daycare and hasn’t had one for some time. I’d like to take his away and we’ve had numerous discussions about the “Ry-Ry Fairy” and he is sooooooo not interested! šŸ™‚ Did you ever bite the bullet and do the dirty deed? šŸ™‚ Just curious how it went. I didn’t see a follow-up post, but may have missed it. Loved your “hold me, I’m scared” line because that’s exactly how I feel!

    Anyway, if you have time, I’d love a reply via email or here on your blog. BTW, your boys are absolutely precious! I was blogging for a short time, but stopped several months ago because it just seemed harder and harder to find time to do it. Hope this comment didn’t seem too stalkerish! Just a fellow mom looking for some advice/courage on how to “pull the plug.”


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