Random stuff

I need to recap the weekend, but I also have some other random things on my mind, so I’m going to do a bulleted list. It makes me feel organized.

– I cannot believe the boys are going to be three in two and a half weeks. Around this time every year, I start reminiscing about the end of my pregnancy and when the boys were born and all that fun stuff. Though, let’s face it, this wasn’t exactly a good look for me, and I should just consider myself lucky that my nose shrunk back down to a normal width.

ren, maura, me, and kristie
(I think I was about 32 weeks pregnant here. It was the day before I went into the hospital.)

– We had a fun weekend with Ren and her girls, even though I now need to see the last half of Megamind. Thanks, boys. Hmmph.

– I got Chloe this cute superhero shirt/cape from my friend Sara. Isn’t it the best? It so fits Chloe.

Super Chloe!


– After the kids all got filthy from bounce houses, pizza, and cake, we put them in the bath. I got this cute picture of one of the boys (I shall not name him, so we can use this picture for whichever wedding necessary) with Chloe in the tub. So sweet!

Young love

Okay, not really sweet. She was really spitting water at him. Hee hee!


Little Miss Innocent:

– I bought a pair of pants in a smaller size. Not sure if this is due to a) the fact I’ve been walking with friends nearly every morning; b) I’ve been sticking to Weight Watchers; or c) my old pants were just too big. Probably c).

– The boys are sick again. There’s a little wheezing involved. Boo. But at least they’re better about doing breathing treatments now.

2 thoughts on “Random stuff

  1. ren

    wow…look how tired i look in that picture! can you send me jpegs of the chloe pics (whenever you have the time). or tell me how to get them out of ##@*! flicker. thanks!


    1. pyjammy

      I wonder why you looked tired? Maybe because you had a 2 week old at home? Oh yeah.

      I’ll send you instructions on how to get the pics.


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