For your favorite triplets (and their parents)

It’s time for my yearly(ish) “hawking of the wares” from my Cafepress shop.

The shop has been open for about 15 months now, and here are some of the most popular designs:

Rock, Paper, Scissors – now available short-sleeved or long-sleeved, in t-shirts or bodysuits, in a variety of colors:

For a grandma of twin girls:

I’ve updated the “questions” shirt to be a little more timely (as in, no more “Jon & Kate + 8” references. Ha!) This one’s two-sided, so people can read the answers without you knowing they’re staring at you.



This one‘s popular for the kids:

These are cute for identical twins (or triplets!)

For Dad’s car:

And the most popular item in my shop by far:

And lots and lots more. Items for MoMs-to-be, for babies, toddlers, grandparents, older siblings, and more. And remember, if you want anything tailored to your specifications, just let me know. I can put designs on other types of shirts, I can change the answers to the questions, etc, etc. Just drop me a line.

2 thoughts on “For your favorite triplets (and their parents)

  1. Debra

    Pam – I look forward to your photos/blog each day. 3 of the cutest little boys!
    How creative of you with the shop! I wish I had multiples to buy for; SO creative and cute.


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