Weekend in Savannah

Ahhhhh…well, I just spent a relaxing weekend in Savannah, Georgia, with 60 other moms of multiples.


Between us, we have around 175 kids, I think? I haven’t done the math, but let’s just say A LOT.

It was a gorgeous weekend, weather-wise. We rented out four giant, gorgeous houses in Savannah, and spent the time relaxing, napping, getting massages, eating, drinking, and just getting to know each other better. (We’ve all been part of an online community for almost two years now, so of course we know each other, but there’s something about getting together in person, and putting voices to faces and all that good stuff.)

The back porch:

Some of the ladies at the lunch on Friday. The only meal we all ate together – there were just too many of us otherwise!

I got a massage on Friday. Heaven! No pictures of that, though. Heh.

On Saturday, we had passes for a trolley tour, so me and three other awesome ladies (seriously, love these women) spent the day together enjoying the beautiful day in the beautiful city of Savannah. I mean, it is gorgeous. Like, New Orleans if it was cleaner and more compact.




Not a great picture since it was taken from the trolley, but oh my god….these hydrangeas….oh I wish I could have found this little square again.




Confession: I didn’t take this, my friend Brook did. Pretty!

Anyway, I was sad for the weekend to end. It was very relaxing, and I needed that!

I also need to give a ginormous thanks to my mom and Larry, for dealing with three sick boys. Let’s just say they had a stomach bug, and it wasn’t pretty. THANK YOU MOM!

3 thoughts on “Weekend in Savannah

  1. Valeria

    hey pam, was it from TC?? how cool is that???? in italy (and europe) none would organize such a thing! we have something like that but with families and children…not only woman!!!


  2. Lauren

    Such a small world. I have been reading your blog for years now and am just reading posts and recognize a friend of mine from NH. So funny!! I am pretty sure its her, I sent her a message on facebook to see. Love your blog and your boys are so darn cute!!


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