Fififippi Rahver

This morning, while walking with the girls, we decided to take a detour from our usual route to walk up on the levee and see what the river was looking like. Crazy, that’s what it’s looking like!

I know it’s hard if you don’t know what it looks like when the river is at a normal level, but let’s just say those trees are usually completely above-ground.


As is that one:

This is the ferry terminal. It’s hard to tell, but the covered ramp that goes to the boat is at an incline. It’s usually flat or slightly downhill.

Here’s a purty sunrise-ish picture:

Look! It’s St. Louis Cathedral!

Irrationally glad I don’t live on this street.

This is just freaky.


One thought on “Fififippi Rahver

  1. Holly Cray..Jon and Ms. T are just below the levee. Oh God I shouldn’t have seen your blog til the morning, now I won’t be able the see from worrying about ya’ll. Stay safe..I’ll pray for everyone at Crown Anchor….


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