Things I Like and Things I Don’t

Things I Like

Parks and Recreation

I resisted watching this for a long time. I watched part of the first season, and just wasn’t feeling it, but at the urging of my BFF, decided to give it another try. And MAN am I glad I did. Hilarious. (Admittedly, I skipped to Season 2 when I started it again.)


These shoes may not be terribly attractive, but dang, they’re comfy! And the boys look so cute in theirs. If only I’d ordered the tweed pair when they were still in stock…sniff, sniff…

Netflix streaming

Since we got rid of cable, pretty much everything I watch has been on Netflix. I’ve watched so many great TV shows on it. Entire series of them. Bones, Doc Martin, Hot in Cleveland, Better off Ted, Downton Abbey, the aforementioned Parks and Recreation…good stuff. The movies suck, but the TV is great.

Hulu Plus

And since Netflix doesn’t have everything (especially newer episodes), Hulu Plus fills in the blanks. After I watched six seasons of House on DVDs I borrowed from Kristina, I was able to watch the most recent season on Hulu Plus. Same goes for Parks and Rec.

Jazz Apples

Still awesome.

Things I Don’t Like

Thomas the Tank Engine

Who decided this whiny, annoying, and frankly, unexceptional steam engine should get his own TV show? They should be fired. And don’t get me started on Percy…

The siren call of Nutella

For it is irresistible.

3 thoughts on “Things I Like and Things I Don’t

  1. Jess G

    I probably shouldn’t tell you that I found the Giant gallon sized container of Nutella at my Whole Foods, and I’m in love ❤ It also doesn't fit in the cabinet because it's too tall. And now it sits on my counter, damnit.


  2. Sarah

    AHHHH!!! This cracks me up! We’re on Thomas OVERLOAD over here! My 19.5 month old just started paying attention to TV like 1 month ago and Thomas is his FAVORITE! Every morning he wakes up and goes and sits in his little chair and asks “who Toe Toe? Who Toe Toe?” which is his way of saying “where’s Thomas?” It’s so adorable BUT I agree. “CINDERS & ASHES!” that Thomas is so annoying. Especially those British children singing “they’re 2 they’re 4 they’re 6 they’re 8, shunting trucks and hauling freight” what the heck kid knows what freight is?


    it’s nice that he likes and will pay attention to something 🙂


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