02/21/12 by pyjammy
02/21/12, a photo by pyjammy on Flickr.

Used my new camera remote to get a rare picture of me with the boys. I bribed them by letting them push the button. Hey, whatever works!

8 thoughts on “02/21/12

  1. I used to think the boys made you look good….but…………….hummmm.. you are so hot you are making the boys looks good…..


  2. You guys are adorable!!!!!! And I love the remote, SO handy. I always think that an upside to having the remote is that my kids will know I actually existed (seeing as I’m always behind the camera and never in any of the pictures!)


  3. Such a sweet picture! Everyone is even smiling! And I think this is the first picture where I’m pretty sure I can tell who is who.


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