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I just realized I haven’t posted anything other than the daily picture for a while. Frankly, life has been somewhat overwhelming lately, and the last thing I wanted to do was write it all down so I could see exactly how overwhelming it has been. But maybe it’ll be therapeutic.


My diet stuff isn’t going great. I mean, I guess it’s good that I’ve maintained the same weight for the past two months. I guess I could look at it that way instead of lamenting the fact that I’ve been on a plateau for two months. But I am newly determined to get past this, so I’m being super strict with myself this week in the hopes that I can see a new low on the scale. My body image has been suffering in the past few weeks, and I think losing a few pounds will help me remember that I’ve lost 35 pounds, and that’s freaking awesome. Here are my latest befores/afters of my face. There’s a difference there, and not just in the cleanliness of my mirror.

I finished a 5 week bootcamp last week, and sadly, it’s not in my budget to repeat just now. So I decided to keep getting up at 5 am on MWF anyway, and just go to the gym instead. So I did that this morning, and I feel pretty good about that.


The boys started swimming lessons last week, and they’re at the same local country club where my bootcamp was located. The best part of the swimming lessons was that I get to get in the pool during their lessons! Oh, it’s heaven. I almost wish swimming lessons lasted all summer long. Next summer, I’m definitely going to look into getting us a summer membership. It’s so awesome to get to float in the pool for 45 minutes after a day working. So nice.

The teacher is just tickled that she’s teaching triplets. She must’ve told everyone at the pool before we started, because when we walked in last week for the first lesson, it was like I was with celebrities. Silly.

Me time

I took myself to see Brave on Saturday night. It was good. Not sure the boys would love it, we’ll see. When I went, I was just totally burnt out from the day. The boys have been…well, challenging. I don’t know. Can I blame it on the heat? Anyway, I needed to get out of the house. Nevertheless, every time I saw the little triplets in the movie, I got a little melty and weirdly proud. I wanted to stand up in the theater and yell that I also have identical triplets! Don’t worry, I didn’t.

Had to laugh when I saw this at Barnes & Noble


I have been giving myself a crash course in photographic lighting because I have to take headshots of some lawyers for a website I’m working on. While it’s exciting to learn more about photography, I’m not thrilled that my first official subjects are going to be attorneys. Oh well.

And before you say I can use the boys, let me recount the story of how I took them to the Sears portrait studio yesterday to use a Groupon I bought ages ago. It was…not fun. I think maybe I should call the talent agency I sent their info to and tell them to rip up their applications. Gaah!

At least the pictures ended up mostly cute

Some more pictures…

We went to a birthday party at Storyland at City Park on Saturday. Fun!






We really need to go there more!

And let me just leave you with a few pictures (thank your lucky stars there’s no sound here) of why I’ve been so fried lately. This face…gaah!




5 thoughts on “Goings on

  1. cassandra b

    don’t be down on yourself because of the plateau… you look fantastic! 35 lbs down is something to be proud of!


  2. Dayoungneun

    Your triplets are just like you, same face 🙂
    35 lbs, wow you look fine, really I can see the difference


  3. Carrie

    Sometimes when I’m out shopping by myself, I fight the urge to share that I have little twins at home…who aren’t with me…that I’m on my own for a while.  Couple that feeling with the emotions you surely felt looking at those triplets on screen and you had every right to shout.


  4. Katie Mitchell

    Hi Pam,

    Love the pics!! I’m wondering if you could pass along your preferred contact info – I have a question about your blog, and am not sure where the appropriate place to post it is:)



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