Set your DVRs!

(Did you see my new blog template? I may have had a bit too much fun creating the header.)

So next Tuesday night, July 31, my friend Matt Murphy is going to be on Food Network’s show, Chopped! So cool. I’ve mentioned his family here many many times before. Alicia and I had our kids 12 hours apart, a feat that earned us a story on the national news. And then a couple of years later, Matt got very sick after a fall, but made a full recovery. And now he and Alicia own my new favorite restaurant (with the best website ever!), the Irish House.

Check out this hilarious video of Matt “training” for the show.

I’m super sad that I’m going to be out of town next week, so I won’t be able to go to the big viewing party at the Irish House, but I already have plans to watch it at the hotel with Kristina.

Anyway, set your DVRs! It’s going to air Tuesday, July 31 at 9pm Central, 10pm Eastern.

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