On this day(ish)…

For funsies, here are pictures from this day (or thereabouts) for the past few years…

August 9, 2012:
Camp play!

August 10, 2011:
The boys modeling their Tiny TOMs for school. Too bad they only lasted about a month before they were ripped to shreds. Yeesh.

August 8, 2010:
Linus sneaking a chip. They can still wear these bathing suits, but they’re not that long anymore!

August 7, 2009:
I don’t have this picture marked, but I know it’s Oliver. Love.

August 10, 2008:
Miles is PISSED.
Miles is PISSED.

August 11, 2007:
I was about 17 weeks pregnant. Painting the nursery a color I agonized over.

2 thoughts on “On this day(ish)…

  1. Multiples Mom

    That is a fun trip down memory lane. I love seeing how they change each year and that you started the series when you were pregnant. The latest camp photo is adorable. I will post this on the Multiples are Marvelous Pinterest Board.
    : 0 ) Theresa


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