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I am so sore today. Not because I went to the gym and did an 8 mile run like I should have done (dang half marathon, now you’re only three weeks away!) but because we undertook a lot of house projects that involved heavy lifting. And some that didn’t.

1. The spice cabinet reorg

I took everything out, threw away stuff from the twentieth century, and got some spice cabinet organization tools so it wouldn’t look like this anymore:

I lie. That’s actually mid-organization. After this, I took everything off the bottom shelf and put it on one of those things that looks like a set of risers. Not terribly space-efficient, but much neater. Look at all that Penzey’s! ::swoon::

I also found this at the back of the top shelf.

It’s sad, really. That’s blueberry jam (I mean, I’m pretty sure that’s what it is.) The last time I picked blueberries (never mind had time to make jam and properly can it) was before Katrina, when we used to go to the blueberry farm in Mississippi. Said farm was probably wiped out in Katrina, and by the time they were back, I had kids and no time for such frivolities. So this jam is at least 7 years old. And while the seal is still intact and sunken in and stuff, I’m thinking it’s not worth getting ill over. Plus, I don’t eat jam anymore, and the boys don’t either. But still. Sad. I wish I’d eaten that seven years ago. It was good.

2. The new bathroom mirror

Kristina warned me that if I took out the old mirror (a nice looking one, but the frame was so thick, the mirror itself was relatively tiny, and the boys couldn’t even see it on a stepstool) and put a frameless mirror up, it’d look like a hotel bathroom. She was right, especially since I changed out the shower curtain for a white one. Hmm.


3. Playroom reorganization

This picture is also from mid-job, but I rearranged the playroom, made the floor tiles a little less daycare-like, and moved my desk and shelves in from our bedroom. So now our bedroom isn’t crammed full of furniture, and I can hang out with the boys while they play. Win!


4. Boring stuff

We also had to fix the wall behind the pantry that had some storm damage, which involved much heavy lifting, but I didn’t take pictures because that wasn’t as exciting. But it is nice to have the food back in the pantry instead of on the kitchen table. Whew.

In other news, I went to a local consignment sale (not for multiples, just a general children’s sale) and found these three shirts! Not even the same brands. They’re going to look cute with their bowties from their spring pictures, and some new blue jackets I got. Aren’t holiday pictures fun?


Also, just got new glasses.

And here’s what they actually look like. (I had to take a picture of myself to see what they looked like, since I’m wearing my contacts today and when the glasses are on also, my vision is so strong it’s like x-ray or something.)

Isn’t technology amazing?

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