A very full weekend

And a very gorgeous weekend! We did so much that my daily pictures will not suffice, so I must write a longer post to get it all in.

I already mentioned I ran on Saturday morning. But I didn’t say that it was 9.5 miles. Woot! And I did it at an average pace of 11:30! That may sound slow to most of you, but it’s like lightning fast to me. I wonder if I’ll be able to keep that pace at the half marathon next weekend? That would put me on par for my fastest time ever. As long as it’s cool, I might be able to. I think I could have done 3.6 more miles at the rate I was going. Hmm.

It’s weird because I feel prouder of that 9.5 miles than I generally do of the half marathons. I guess because this one was alone, with no one cheering me on. I just went around and around and around that loop. I saw a friend of mine every time I went around (she stayed in the same spot, taking photos of babies) and I encouraged (I like to think) a mom of baby twins. I just kept going. Woo! Felt great.

After my run, the boys and I stopped by Target on the way to a birthday party. Linus earned his ten stickers, so he got to pick out a toy. He settled on Thor, and we also decided he should be Thor instead of Spiderman for Halloween. I’m such a softie. (Plus, the mask on the Spiderman costume covered his nose and mouth, and that just makes me claustrophobic thinking of it.)

At the party:

The boys went to Granny and Grandpa’s after, and I got a much-needed evening out with friends. And while I was at the pub, a very old friend (I haven’t seen her in maybe 6 years?) walked in. Turns out she works across the street from me now, so we’ll be getting together for lunch sometime.

The next day, before I went to get the boys, I stopped at Starbucks to sit outside and read a book for a while. So relaxing.

Then I got the boys, and when we got home, I let them put their costumes on for a little while.

And then we painted pumpkins.



That was fun!

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2 thoughts on “A very full weekend

  1. Multiples Mom

    Congratulations on your run! I wish you the best in your half marathon next weekend too. Very impressive! I love all the cute photos. The pumpkin painting looked like lots of fun.


  2. chris

    awesome time, pammy! great job. you’re going to rock out the 1/2 mary next weekend. And, I love how oliver adds the “R” after the Olive on his pumpkin. haha!


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