10/26/12 by pyjammy
10/26/12, a photo by pyjammy on Flickr.

You want a Tootsie Roll, Miles?

(How awesome is it that my kids love Tootsie Rolls? I consider them nearly the lowest form of Halloween candy out there – maybe starlight mints are worse – but they’re actually treats to the boys! So it’s not so bad when I eat all their Smarties, as long as I leave them all the Tootsie Rolls.)

One thought on “10/26/12

  1. Lisa Sims

    Nothing wrong with Tootsie Rolls, it’s the candy my boys request as well (more chocolate for me). I love the picture, the real question is would he actually give him the candy or keep it for himself? It could go either way at our house.


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