I was wrong

I thought last weekend was busy. I mean, the one before this past one. (I’m a bit late blogging about it.) Remember, I posted about how busy it was? Yeah, that was just a practice run for this past weekend. Get a load of this…


Boys get off school at noon. I put in a whopping three hours of work before I have to leave to get them. (No aftercare.) We go have lunch at my friend’s restaurant.


It takes a little longer than anticipated, but the food is great. There was a French couple sitting at the next table who were delighted by Oliver’s rendition of “Alouette” that they overheard.

We leave the restaurant and go across town for haircuts. It’s worth driving across town for $10 haircuts. We’re out of there in half an hour. Another benefit of the $10 haircuts.

Blurry pic of new haircuts

We swing through the Starbucks drive thru for snacks and coffee for Mommy, and then back to school for parent-teacher conferences! I have mine lined up three in a row, and the boys sit in the hall* while their teachers tell me nice things about them.

Clearly, they were VERY excited.

*not really. They ran up and down the hall, poked their head in the doors, etc, etc.

Rundown of the conferences (all three teachers pretty much said the same things.)

– They’re much less shy than they were at the beginning of the year.
– They all play with other kids in addition to their brothers
– They love to draw and are really good at it
– They’re eating slightly better (i.e., at all.)
– They’re very smart, can do their worksheets without help from the teachers

All good things, no major concerns, music to my ears.

After the conferences, we had a little time to kill until we needed to be at the park for a birthday party for one of Miles’s classmates, so we ran to the grocery store.

They had a buy one, get two free sale on little boys. I stocked up.

Finally we headed to the park and the boys played while I talked to the other parents.

They were obsessed with playing tetherball. The older kids were so sweet and played with them.

We get home around 7:30, the boys get a bath, and off to bed. On the way home, though, I call my friend Teresa, desperate for a bottle of wine. She just happened to be at the neighborhood wine bar and we arranged for her to bring me out a bottle of wine when I pulled up outside. Superstar!


Made some dips (like last weekend) while feeding the boys breakfast. And then off we went to Chuck E. Cheese’s for a birthday party. For one of Miles’s classmates. I was able to relax a bit while the boys played with their friends. Miles had a bad time with the C.E.C. that walks around. He doesn’t like.

After the party, we ran across the river to pick up a cake for my friend Amelia’s baby shower that I was hosting. Also some wine. Always good to have on hand.

Get home, drop Miles and Oliver off at home, and Linus and I go to my friend Steph’s house, where the shower is being held. Inexplicably, Linus wanted to come with me. So he did.

The shower was lovely. Linus played with my phone the whole time, so I don’t have any photos. Sad. It was hot outside, and muggy, but at least it didn’t pour.

Got home, did a bit of laundry and cleaning and relaxing.

Went out to meet my friend Anne and a friend of hers for dinner. Also at The Irish House. Was yum, had a great time. Home, bed, zzzz.

Me and Anne, looking very pink


Fed the boys, etc. Went to Mary Catherine’s house to snuggle photograph baby Hank for a few hours. Then came home, relaxed for a bit, then headed to Audubon Park (with boys in tow) to photograph another set of triplets. And after that, we went to a nearby birthday party where the boys RODE THE PONY! TWICE EACH!! This may not seem like a huge deal to you, but trust me, it is. I was so, so proud of them for being so brave! My little cowboys. Sniff, sniff.