We’ve been in our house for nine years and the day I’ve dreamed of for so long is finally here…we’re painting the outside of it! It’s in terrible shape, but it’s such a huge expense that we’ve been putting it off, but finally, we’re having it done! So exciting!

Here’s a before picture I took on Tuesday. One would like to think I mean some Tuesday in late December because, yes, those are Christmas lights hanging from the porch. We are so classy. (Oh man, I could have kept my mouth shut. Just realized the tree is blocking the porch in this photo.)


Yesterday the power-washing and sanding started. Eeep!

Day 1

Here is George pointing to the garage doors and saying we should paint them like the TARDIS doors. What you can’t hear is me saying, “no, dear.” I’m such a meanie.


Can you believe that tree out front was the size of a pencil when I planted it in 2005? Crazy. And maybe could use a little trimming. Hmm.

Anyhoo, the house is going to be a dark gray, the trim will be a creamy white, and the front door will be red.

One thought on “Progress!

  1. Jessica Gehman

    My parents waited for such a long time before they painted our house – but it looked SO GOOD afterwards! Can’t wait to see your after πŸ™‚


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