Published authors!

Warning: This is really friggin’ cute.

The other night, Miles was, for once, really excited about going to school the next day. In English class, with Mr. Rob, they were going to be writing books! But when he came home yesterday, he was down in the dumps because for whatever reason, it didn’t happen. So I said, “then let’s write books tonight!”

And now I am the proud Mama of three published authors. It’s a small in-house publisher, very very exclusive. (Your DNA has to be just so in order to be published by this publishing house.) I am the editor-in-chief, the bookmaker (see that binding? that’s craftsmanship for ya), the typesetter (I chose a very unique handwriting font), and marketing director.

May I present our first three titles?


The Bunnies that Play Soccer, by Linus Kocke
The Lost Magic, by Miles Kocke
The Bunny that was Trying to Find a Treasure, by Oliver Kocke

Just like Amazon, I have a “look inside” feature.

from The Bunnies That Play Soccer


From The Bunny that was Trying to Find Treasure


from The Lost Magic

I’ll let you know the release date on these titles. I expect it’ll be available for Kindle, Nook, and as an audiobook read by the authors.

Publicity photos of the authors with their works can be found here:

I have been informed by the authors that these titles will kick of three series about bunny pirates, bunnies playing sports, and a boy named Jacob. Stay tuned!

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