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Halloween is over, but the boys are still obsessed with costumes. Miles has told me approximately 3,654,339 times since Thursday what he’s going to be next year. (Red Samurai Power Ranger WITH the red disk but not the black disk and the helmet, not the mask, and don’t forget the boots and the gloves. And the sword. And the Samuraizer.) (And yeah, right, kid.)

We went to Target and I got them some $5 costumes in the post-Halloween sale, but that did not quench their costume search. Linus, in particular, became fixated on making a costume. A pumpkin costume, to be specific. Just to wear around, maybe to Mardi Gras, he said. So I said we’d work on that over the weekend. I found some $5 orange pillowcases at Walmart, so I got those (no chance anyone will ever be able to sleep with them on their pillow, they’re seriously orange safety cone colored.) But when I got home, plans had changed, and the pumpkin was discarded in favor of a new Power Ranger he invented. Love their imagination, but beware if you ever stay over at our house. Orange pillowcases.

We took a trip to Michael’s, where I got some plain t-shirts, fabric paint, and foam sheets. We got a good start on the costumes, but there is SO MUCH MORE. Swords, sword-holders, black square shoulder thingies, pants, robotic arms, etc. But I am pretty proud of our creations…


(couldn’t find Linus’s picture to take a pic)
translates into:

So, yeah, man, I totally expect this awesome DIY costume post will be posted all around Pinterest and re-pinned a jillion times. Right? Look, here’s a pinnable graphic. You are WELCOME!

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  1. I think those are the best costumes ever. Better than the boxed costumes and they will not look like every other kid.


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