Being Pinteresty again

…this time, you can pin this one to your “Beauty” board.

I call it the “run to Ulta on your lunchbreak to return the pink and blue sparkly nail polish that your 5 year old son picked out, but that you wouldn’t even wear on your toes in the winter” manicure.

Here’s how you do it.

Step 1. Go to Ulta, buy a sparkly pink and blue nail polish because Miles likes it.
Step 2. Get home, realize it’s hideous and you’ll never, ever wear it.
Step 3. Wait a few weeks, then run into Ulta on your lunch break when you’re in the area for something else.
Step 4. Try on the navy polish you were lusting after, but then realize there are so many other colors, so start working your way from thumb to pinky.
Step 5. When you run out of fingers, start at thumb again.
Step 6. Pick a damn color already.
Step 7. Wander around store for a few minutes before going to the cash register, so you don’t ruin your new manicure!

And that’s really it! If you really want to be like me, leave the nail polish on for a few days, possibly weeks. And then remember that you’re 38 years old, dammit, not 7, and you should really have more mature looking fingernails.

Pin it!

PS I picked the one on my thumb. I’m not sure I made the right decision, so I will probably end up repeating steps 4-7 a few times.