2013 in review

As nostalgic as I tend to be, these posts are generally kind of pointless for me, since my years don’t tend to be that exciting. But 2013 was kind of unusually packed full of somewhat life-altering events.


I turned 38.
George broke his ankle. At the time, this seemed like such a huge big deal, and it was, requiring surgery and stuff. George was off his foot for 6 weeks, and that was tough on all of us. But in retrospect, it went by pretty quickly and he’s all healed up now and back on his bike.


The boys got their new bunk beds!


I had my surgery. I am so, so pleased I decided to go through with it. Seriously, if affects me every day, and I’m just really happy about it.


Healed from surgery. Went to a friend’s memorial service.


Had my 20th high school reunion.


The boys played t-ball, and we swam a lot.


Surprise Kiki trip!
Flew to Virginia to surprise Kiki.  Spent some time with Emily and Andrew.


I decided, kind of on a whim, to apply for my dream job. I was encouraged by a friend who worked for the company already and thought I’d be a great fit. I am obviously forever in her debt.


Started my seven week trial of employment with Automattic. While working my regular full-time job at the Archdiocese, I was working hours every evening and weekend as a Trial Happiness Engineer.

We got our house painted! What an amazing improvement.



I got an offer to be a Happiness Engineer at Automattic. Spoiler: I said yes.


Had my last day at the Archdiocese. Sad to say goodbye to my colleagues and friends after nine years.


The boys turned 6!


Christmas, holidays, Kristina and Mike came to visit, fun!

While 2013 had some big highlights, there were also some terribly sad events. The death of a friend, another’s cancer diagnosis, and the tragic and sudden loss of a friend’s husband. All due to cancer.

So, what’s up for 2014?

Getting more settled with my job, including organizing my home office and getting used to working from home.

Traveling more for my job (going to San Francisco this month!)

Hopefully going to the beach again this summer with the boys and Kiki while George hibernates in a dark cave.

The boys will start 1st grade (what?) and turn 7 at the end of the year.

I will try to enjoy the last year of my thirties. Gulp.

I am going to attempt a fourth 365 project after skipping 2013. I kind of missed it!

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