You’ll never believe what Miles did…

(Don’t you hate all those “viral” posts that have titles like this? “…and you’ll never guess what happened next!” So I expect this post will be shared four trillion times because of my intriguing post title.)

Anyway, this happened the other night.


and then this:


and then THIS!


Yeah, you know, I was just sitting, minding my own business, eating my dinner of chicken sausage with kale and sun-dried tomatoes while the boys played upstairs. And Miles wandered down and asked to taste the sausage.

I was dumbfounded. Miles may be the most open-minded eater of the trio, but that’s not saying much. For him to voluntarily ask to try something with bits of green in it?!? And then to like it and eat and entire link of sausage??? I never dreamed such a thing was possible.

I still can’t believe my child ingested kale. A green vegetable.

Epilogue: He requested it for dinner again the next night. I made it, and served it to all three. Miles gobbled his up, Linus ate maybe one piece, and Oliver acted like we were poisoning him. But even Oliver got at least a molecule of kale in his system. It’s a miracle!

2 thoughts on “You’ll never believe what Miles did…

  1. Da young Neun

    When I was little my mom always made fruit juice popsicles. For example green fruits, so the juice would be green. She let dropped some fresh broccoli and blended with juice. So the broccoli was camouflaged with juice, and I couldn’t realize that. The popsicle tasted like juice anyway. That way my mom made me to eat vegetables.

    Same with orange juice and carrot, for example..

    I hope it helps you! Try to do it some day! I’m sure it will work!


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