More from the baseball game

It’s hard to believe we’re starting the third season of baseball in our decidedly non-sporty household. Well, Miles is. The last two seasons were t-ball, so this is for-real-this-time baseball. Like, no tee involved. And there are rules. And they keep score. And they wear belts with their baseball pants.

Miles was pretty anxious about starting without his brothers, so before the first game yesterday, I got him a bag for his equipment. Once he was all decked out in his full uniform and had his brand new bag, he seemed to gain a huge amount of confidence, and he did great at the game. He hit the ball both times he was at bat and even scored a run!

After the game was over, he was diligently putting his stuff back in his bag, and couldn’t figure out how to unclip the bag from the fence. One of the older boys on the team helped him, which was just so sweet. I’m used to him being one of the bigger boys, but in this league, he’s one of the youngest, and it’s so nice to see the older kids taking the littler ones under their wing.

Next game is Friday evening. Hope the novelty hasn’t worn off by then!

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