365 in 2014: 06/13/14

Not my new countertops, but these are the reason I got the itch to change ours. Can’t wait! (And no, I didn’t take many pictures on Friday. Ha! Kinda scraping the bottom here.)


2 thoughts on “365 in 2014: 06/13/14

  1. Hello Pam!
    I love your blog. I can’t think of a better person better equipped to handle the gift of triplets. You do an amazing job.

    I discovered your blog about a year ago. Now I am catching up from when the boys were born. Since you work in IT, I thought I’d make a suggestion to make your blog more user-friendly in using the archives. It would be great to have a way to go from page to page with and “older” or “newer” button. For example, right now when I am looking at June 2008, the only way to get to July 2008 is to scroll back up to “archives” and choose “July 2008.” This takes a long time as the pages are long. Plus, I have to remember which month and year I was on as they are all in one long list. With and “Newer” button, one could just go in order.

    All the best


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