I give up.

I think I’m quitting my 365 project for the year. What’s it all about, anyway? Is it a way to improve my photography? Well, if that’s the case, most of my pictures are coming from my iPhone, so that’s not happening.

Is it to document the boys’ lives? Maybe. But not much happens when they’re in school. There are only so many pictures of “doing homework” and “playing Minecraft” and “brushing teeth” that I can subject you to.

Is it just to force me to blog more? Well, considering I haven’t posted in five days, I’m not doing so great there.

But here are some recent pictures anyway.

That’s what’s been going on here. Bike rides, swimming, school, and lice. Super fun times. But my hair has never been softer.

While I’m far too cheap to pay to have someone deal with the boys’ lice (that’s what clippers were invented for), I decided to splurge and have Natalie from The Critter Cure come out and treat me. And honestly, what a treat it is! You could pretend to have lice and have her come out and comb conditioner into your hair for a couple of hours. It’s quite heavenly and relaxing and if you sleep with the conditioner in because you don’t feel like washing your hair for the third time in 24 hours, your will have the silkiest strands imaginable.