Number three

So this happened yesterday.


I make it sound like it was a spur-of-the-moment thing. It wasn’t, I’ve been thinking of getting three bunnies for a while, but kind of vaguely. And then the opportunity came up to go on a tattoo outing at the Grand Meetup and I decided to go for it. (Yes, at a work conference, we had an outing to get tattoos.)

Why bunnies? I wanted to get a tattoo to represent the boys, and I wasn’t sold on their initials (I tried, but couldn’t make LOM look not weird.) My other idea was three bunnies, because I’ve always called them my bunnies. It’s a bit more vague than initials, I think. But definitely not badass. Everyone who saw it today said, “awww, so cute!” so maybe I should have gotten fangs on them or something more hardcore. Then again, my other tattoos aren’t exactly skulls and daggers, so this is definitely more me.

(Sorry Mom.)