LASIK, Day 3

Day 3. Not terribly exciting. In a good way.

I drove for the first time, and didn’t have to use my new laser beam eyeballs in any road rage incidents. Win!


I went back to work today, too, which went pretty well. I had to take a few rest breaks and I made the font size a bit larger in my browser like an 80-year-old, but other than that, the day went pretty smoothly.

Well, until Miles accidentally poked me in the eye. I was afraid he dislodged my left eye flap (I can’t write a post without talking about the flaps) but my vision is fine, so he’s not in trouble.

My right eye is pretty disgustingly bloodshot (I will spare you a photo) but other than that, you wouldn’t even know how traumatized my peepers were just two days ago.

The main downside is not being able to wear eye makeup for two weeks. It’s not like it generally matters, but my Halloween costume kind of looks better with some vaguely goth eyeliner. Ah well.

Oh, and I keep thinking (at night, mainly) “boy, I’d like to take my contacts out now” because my eyes kind of have that constant dry, tired feeling you get after a long hard day of wearing contact lenses. (First world problem.) I’m assuming that goes away as everything heals. We’ll see. Fingers crossed.

Now I’m off to finish listening to the Jodi Picoult audiobook I got for my recovery. I’m ready to read real books again!

3 thoughts on “LASIK, Day 3

  1. Betsy

    Good on you, herp spreader. If you delete this I won’t be mad. For real though, I gasped so loud at the Miles eye poke that Jeff panicked. I hope your flaps stay down!


  2. Shana

    The dryness goes away after about 2 weeks but I work on a computer all day and still use drops occasionally. Use the drops they help and I was assured your eyes won’t get addicted to them by my doctor πŸ™‚ I would get the surgery again in a heartbeat best decision I ever made even 5 years later!!


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