Excuse me while I hyperventilate

Today is the last day of first grade. Um, excuse me? How did that happen, exactly? Well, those official “end of the year” pics will be coming later, so I can get photos of the boys with their teachers. But we had an end of the year play date after school yesterday with Miles’s class, and I got some nice pics of the boys. If I may say so myself.

and then Miles got in another tree by himself and the light was so pretty and I couldn’t resist.

This one’s my favorite. How lucky am I to have three that are this adorable?


The boys with Miss Claire, who taught Linus in PreK-4, Oliver in Kindergarten, and Miles in first grade. I’m not sure how I’m going to cope with not having her as one of our teachers!


Oh, Ollie and his weird smile. I think he’s really self-conscious because he hasn’t lost either of his front teeth yet.

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