Super fun weekend!

This weekend was jam-packed full o’ fun. I will try to keep this relatively short, but it’s not gonna be easy.

Friday night: Prom

I went to a party at the pub for our friends Heather and Neil (their birthdays are close to each other so they share a party.) The theme was “A Night at the Proms,” which most people took to mean “high school prom” but the upshot was, everyone was dressed fancy.


I mean everyone.


I was able to tailor my thrift store dress with mostly safety pins, and between that and every piece of sparkly costume jewelry I owned, I think I acquitted myself nicely.

  Tee and me and a metric ton of rhinestones.

And thanks to the slit, I was able to ride my bike to the pub and back home.

Saturday: The Fourth of July

The boys had been looking forward to the fourth for a while. I’m not entirely sure why. The fireworks, I guess.

We went to a friend’s house. Teresa and I made the watermelon jello shots, which were a huge hit. The kids were all sad they couldn’t have any, so we told them we’d make them a non-alcoholic version for the next party.


I bought sparklers for the kids (as you saw in the monthly pic) so they had fun with those. Mostly. Until Ethan touched the hot part of his after it had gone out and burned his finger. Later, I burned my thumb badly lighting them. So now I think sparklers are evil.

It was a long day, and there were tears at the end of it, but overall, it was a great fourth.

I’ll save Sunday’s fun for the next post…

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