I was going to be posting some fun underwater pictures and videos from Sunday in this spot, but it appears that I am no longer in possession of my underwater camera. I at least know I had it at 2:17pm on Sunday, because I took a picture of it with my phone to show a friend who is looking for an underwater camera.


As it turns out, I was taking the photo to warn her NOT to get this crappy camera, so I guess in the end it’s not the loss of the camera that upsets me, but the SD card that’s in it. It was a nice SD card and I knew I should have used a different one, because now I’m going to have to go buy another one. I think I have enough underwater photos to last a lifetime, so we’re good there.

(Except I got a video of Miles doing a flip underwater, one of their new tricks, and that was pretty cool.)


Speaking of, though, it’s pretty awesome how much the boys have progressed with swimming this summer. Being taller helps, of course, but a week ago, they wouldn’t jump off the little diving platforms without me being RIGHTTHERE to catch them, but now they’ll jump off and swim to the side without me even being in the pool.

And the flips – Linus can do three in a row without coming up for air!

I think next summer, it might be time for them to do their first triathlon. Gotta work on the bicycle part, though.

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  1. Bummer about the camera! I have and love a Panasonic Lumix that’s waterproof/drop-proof/freeze-proof. It takes great pics. All the pictures on our recent Wyoming trip were taken with it, and they must be OK, because Getty emailed me about licensing some of them (which shocked me, because I’m not a very good photographer).


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