Soccer, week 2

Before the game. All three finally healthy! I think Oliver was trying to look tough here.
And then this happened…Linus got sold to the other team.

There wasn’t a complete rout of the other team like there was last week (because they switched things up halfway through, we weren’t sure what the score was anyway) which I was happy about because I think the boys learned a bit of humility this week. And also they saw that some of the other players weren’t displaying good sportsmanship, so I think they kind of are getting the point now. But they had fun, and played well, and that’s the key.

I’m much happier with my photos this week. Last week was so sunny and I had a lot of issues with focus and color. I got tips from some of my coworkers who are fantastically talented and it helped a lot. Of course, it also helped that it was overcast. I hope next weekend is sunny again so I can keep working on my skillz.

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