A new addition to the family

Meet Ziggy (I think.)


That face. I could not resist. You know I am not a dog person. But I kind of figured that it was inevitable that we would get one, one day. I knew it would be good for the boys. Linus even said the other day that he wanted a puppy for Christmas.

Let me back up a little.

A few weeks ago, my coworker (who lives here) mentioned that his roommate had found a dog wandering around in the street. They took him in, tried to find his owner, took him to the vet, and advertised, to no avail. No one claimed the dog. I saw a picture and said, “aw, cute.” My coworker said, “you want him?” I said, “no friggin way.” (They couldn’t keep the dog for various reasons, but not because of the dog, if that makes sense.)

Actually, I’m not sure what happened after that. I guess he mentioned the dog again here and there. I saw a few more pictures. I asked a few questions. I talked to George. I asked more questions. And it all culminated in my coworker and his roommate bringing the dog to our house last night.

We took him for a walk. The boys walked him. They got him to sit. We took him to our friend Steph’s house to see how he acted around other dogs (this is important, since our friends get together with dogs all the time.) On the way, we passed the pub, and the dog went right up to the door, eager to go in. I think George was won over at that moment.


We got to Steph’s, and our friends that really know dogs checked him out. They played with him, held him, observed him around the other dogs. And he passed their tests with flying colors. So we asked my coworker and his roommate if we passed the test. We did!


We need a few days to get the house (and ourselves) ready for a dog, so we’re going to get him on Thursday and bring him home.

I know there are people who are going to think I’m crazy. Especially anyone who knew me as a child (I was absolutely terrified of dogs.) But this dog is kind of perfect for us. And I do want the boys to grow up with a dog. So here we go!


8 thoughts on “A new addition to the family

  1. Jeremy

    You won’t regret it! While it is an additional responsibility for you, it will be a great learning experience for the kids. And before long, you’ll wonder how you lived without one 😊


  2. jessica

    I can’t believe it. I don’t even actually know you (but I’ve read all of your blogs) and I still can’t believe that you got a dog. Congratulations!


  3. Carrie

    He is so cute!!! Brace yourself because if you’ve never had a dog it will be an adjustment and I only say that because I want you to get through the “OH MY GOD THERE’S A DOG IN OUR HOUSE! ALL THE TIME” moment that you will inevitably go through. Because I went through that and second guessed and wondered what in the hell we had gotten ourselves in to (“does he always make that much of a mess drinking water!?”) But now, 10 years later, I can’t imagine our lives without our Wrigley. We had him for 3 years before we had the boys so he was our first baby and now when my boys are too busy for snuggles with mommy, guess who is never too busy for snuggles with mommy? My big furry baby! You will see what I mean. I’m very happy for you all! Congratulations!


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