My new model

The boys hate staying still for pictures, but Ziggy loves it! Well, I might be projecting.


Linus is home sick today so they’re just chillin on the sofa.


Ziggy got here last night, and it went surprisingly well, especially after I moved his crate into the bedroom so he wasn’t alone. I feel like I just brought home a newborn for the first time. I guess it was almost 8 years ago exactly that Oliver came home…

Anyway. Expect lots of pictures. Lots.

3 thoughts on “My new model

  1. Jeremy

    He’s with you for less than a week and already allowed on the sofa? uhoh… 😊

    I remember when we brought our dog home. We also had a crate, and had to move it into the bedroom for the first few nights. I remember having to place the crate right next to the bed, with my hand against the crate so the dog could touch it. Anything further, and he’d start crying. It was the first night without his mother though, so it was a bit expected.

    Over the next week, we moved the crate a few steps further away, until it was out of the room. In retrospect, it was like bringing a newborn home, like you said πŸ™‚

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