It’s Christmas Eve Eve!

And the boys’ Christmas present is feeling much better. Which equals more hyper and more chewing on random things, like my favorite pillow that I brought back from London, and the loop on Oliver’s stocking.

He’s a little bigger now.

I mean, nothing too bad, nothing that can’t be clumsily repaired or anything. But still. My main concern is my beloved ottoman that I got this summer. I’m sure it’s extremely tasty. Oh, and his harness. So that means we can’t go for a walk until I go get a new one, which means he has a lot of energy that he may funnel into chewing inappropriate things.

We’re just learning as we go along. But even with the occasional accidents (Ziggy does not like going outside in the rain, I mean, I don’t blame him or anything, and it’s been raining all week) he’s been a good doggy.

He also keeps my treadmill warm for me.


In other news, I’ve taken all three boys shopping for gifts for a brother and Daddy, and it was nice yet again to get that one on one time with them. For my records: Oliver went first, and shopped for Miles; Miles went second and shopped for Linus; and finally, Linus shopped for Oliver.

Ollie the elf!

We also watched Home Alone for the first time, which the boys found hysterical.


Oliver said it sounded scary, because being left home alone is basically his worst nightmare, so I had to prove that it actually isn’t a horror film.


Holiday decorating has taken somewhat of a backseat this year, between Ziggy and annoyingly warm temps, but I did get this adorable Wapuu ornament. Awwww!


We took the boys to see Star Wars last weekend. It was entertaining! High praise considering I’m generally not a fan of the franchise or anything. It was very bright when we took this picture. Heh.

Today I’m off work and the boys are at holiday camp, so I am going to enjoy my day with some solo shopping (for a dog harness) and a movie with a friend.

5 thoughts on “It’s Christmas Eve Eve!

  1. Kait

    You might want to look into something called “Fooey! Ultra Bitter Spray” (Available at Petco, Petsmart, etc). It’s a very bitter spray you can spray onto any household item you dont want the dog to chew- like your ottoman. Just make things taste very yucky. Be careful using it, because if you get it on your hands, it takes forever to wash off- though it would be good if you’re trying to stop biting your nails! Also, if Ziggy is chewing, have you tried getting him a Nylabone that he can safely chew? He looks like he could be a powerful chewer- they make them in different sizes and different “chewing strengths”. He’s adorable though!!!!!!


    1. Pam Kocke

      Oh yes! I was looking at the bitter sprays on Amazon and then the reviews always get me in a tizzy so I didn’t get anything. But I’ll look for that stuff when I go to buy him a new harness today. I did get him a three pack of those bones at Costco and he loves them. He just also loves soft squishy things. 😀


      1. Kait

        I’d go with the Fooey! I’ve had Bitter Apple too and the Fooey is more potent. He’ll get there- my dog is a rescue as well and she chewed in the beginning. You could even put the Fooey on his harness so he leaves it alone!


  2. Christina

    If he’s chewing through his harness, make sure you get an ultra-durable nylon one. Our second dog chewed through EVERYTHING…including two of our other dog’s collars, so we got dog 1 a the most durable nylon collar we could find. When dog 2 couldn’t chew through it, he decided to chew his own off instead (I don’t even know how…we replaced it with a nylon collar as well). Four years on, he pulls and tugs on dog 1’s collar all the time still, and we’ve never had to replace them! Also – if your dog shows an affinity for unbuckling buckles, go for one that has a belted fastener instead of a buckle (but be aware that with collars strangulation is a hazard).

    Just my experience, and worth looking into!


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