February 20, 2002


Did my seven miles this morning. Should be the last time I have to do my long mid-week run in the morning. I made a deal with Sarah that I’ll come in early and not take a lunch break (well, I’d eat lunch at the office, not skip it altogether) and then I can leave at 4 and go to the park and run. I just hate getting up at 6:15 to run at the park, when it’s only just getting light. It’s just not that safe, and when I have to do eight next week, I’ll have to wake up even earlier. It’s not getting dark here until around 6 p.m., so I should be fine. Can’t wait until next Wednesday now!

The run went moderately well, I’d say. Last night when I was going to sleep I was thinking perhaps I’m just holding myself back and I really can run faster than 13-14 minute miles for an extended period of time. Would be a shame if I could run faster, but didn’t know it. So I started out just running at what felt comfortable at the time, and ran the first mile in 11:06. Hmmm. Had to slow down after that, and it seemed to take a lot out of me for the rest of the run. Didn’t have any problem running 13 min/miles after that, but I did have to take a few walking breaks. Nevertheless, the whole run averaged 13:09, even with the walking breaks. Woo!

I’m feeling a bit better, I think my cold is going away. I didn’t have a stuffed nose last night, just a tickly throat. And I wasn’t hacking up phlegm during my run, so I think my lungs are pretty clean as well. Surprisingly, running seems to make the phlegm go away, not get worse, like I thought it might.

We got our proofs emailed to us from Marathon Foto, the company that took the finish line photos and the ones along the course. Gag! Some of the pictures are very disheartening. I hate the way I can see a photo of myself and my self-esteem is shot for the next week or so, until the mental picture has faded. My New Year’s resolution was to be happy with my body, so I need to work on that some. Now, after looking at the pictures I want to wear a long-sleeved turtleneck and long pants for the marathon, but I suppose that wouldn’t be very practical in April. Hmmph.