Need your help – toys for 3 year old boys

So the boys’ birthday is coming up, and then Christmas is three weeks later. ‘Tis the season for me to get all kinds of questions like, “what do the boys want for their birthday/Christmas?”

I’ve started a little list of ideas on Amazon, but I need some more. (I certainly don’t expect them to get all of this, but I just want to give friends/family ideas.)

On the list right now:

Slinkies! (The regular sized metal ones that go down stairs. Heh.)

Doctor kits

A play house set. Okay, fine. A DOLL HOUSE. They love playing with the one at Ren’s house, but this one is nice and gender-neutral. (Not that I care, but some people are more old-fashioned than I.)

Some games like Memory and Candyland

A tool set (I sold the tool bench I got them last year – they never played with it – but now they want the tools. Of course.)

Personally, I’d love for them to get clothes (long sleeved t-shirts in 3T, thank you) but I guess that’s not very fun.

What other ideas can you think of for 3 year old boys?

16 thoughts on “Need your help – toys for 3 year old boys

  1. Sally

    I’m totally stealing some of those ideas for my boys (twins two weeks younger than yours). Also, we are getting more trains, since they are OBSESSED and there are never enough for both. And I might get them toddler roller skates.


  2. Tena

    Ooh, these are some good ideas for James, too. His birthday is only about 2 weeks after Christmas. He’s gotten really into dressing up as things, maybe you could start a costume box for your boys? Firefighters, police, pirates, etc. I bet they’d love it!


  3. Angie

    My little boy will be 3 in January…
    Things he is obsessed with now: Matchbox cars, his sister’s Legos (we will be getting him the Cars Duplex set for Christmas), building with blocks (we will also get him the delux melissa & doug block set.) He likes puzzles, so we are getting him a wooden name puzzle. He is getting into “big boy stuff now, too: superheros, star wars, etc.)


  4. marybeth

    haba ball track construction set

    mula shape sorter (if you have an ikea near you)

    leapster explorers

    cat take apart trucks

    magformers (not magnatiles)

    learning resources rainbow peg play

    gears! gears! gears! beginning building set

    magnetic dress up kits


    hope you find the perfect gifts! your kids are too cute.


  5. Dodge34

    Here is a special suggestion, toys are common but what about getting them to see a special show or a day in a playcenter like some childrens museums have, a first time alpine ski initiation maybe (I saw some 4yrs old last year that were better than me on some tracks), people always think that gifts need to be something in a box, I think the best gifts are some creative things that not everyone would think about. May I suggest free time for the parents too, Uncle or auntie, or a family member can take the boys in charge (that will be fun for them too, making some cookies with someone they love or something else…) and then you get some relaxing time to do things that can’t be done when boys are around…


    1. pyjammy

      I do love the idea of an outing without mom and dad!

      We do get passes to the local zoo and aquarium and the children’s museum, so that’s already taken care of.


  6. Emily

    Lego Duplos, Fisher Price Trios, Wooden Blocks, Big Tonka Trucks, Battery Operated Four Wheelers, Fireman sets, Plastic Grill, or Nice Wooden Puzzles.

    Go ahead and ask for whatever clothes you need or want. My family loves to buy my boys clothes plus I’m a super clearance shopper so we always have too much.


  7. Laura

    Imaginarium train table. (It’s cheaper than the Thomas train table and the Thomas wooden cars will work on it.) Christopher loves his and then family and friends can buy cars and accessories for it.


  8. Jude

    What about a play kitchen? I just started reading so I don’t know if your boys already have one, but every three year old I know just goes nuts on those and my husband has assured me that he played with one so they are definitely gender neutral and as soon as our son is old enough daddy will probably buy it for him haha.


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