This one’s all about me

For the past four or five weekdays, I’ve been walking around the neighborhood with some girlfriends. We go at 5:30 in the morning. That’s right, five-thirty in the morning. Yes, I am slightly crazy, but I am loving it! Not the waking up part, the walking and talking for 45 minutes. The 4 activity points I get (for Weight Watchers) daily. That achy feeling in my legs that lasts all day and is a constant reminder that I did something good for myself that morning.

Man, I’m corny, but it’s awesome.

And I found this cool app for my (Android) phone that tracks our mileage, maps it out, keeps track of pace, calories, etc, etc. It appeals to my inner nerd who likes keeping track of that kind of thing. And then it posts it on my Facebook wall, which appeals to my inner narcissist.

So that’s that. Not terribly exciting, but I just wanted to share. Oooh, and next week we’re going to start running a bit. The other ladies are planning on doing the Mardi Gras half marathon in February, so I reckon I’ll end up doing it again too.

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One thought on “This one’s all about me

  1. Eva

    YAY for you πŸ™‚ I get up every morning at either 5.40 or 5.15 to do my ‘little’ walk πŸ™‚ I do it on my own, but that’s fine with me as I like my own company hehehe.

    I’m 14.5 km from my goal… I set the goal of walking 2010 km in 2010 on Jan 1st (in miles: 14.5 km = 9.01 miles and 2010 km = 1249 miles). I was fat (about 110 kg or 242 pounds) and unfit and was 110% sure that I wouldn’t make it before Dec. 31st, 2010… but I’ll get there tomorrow or the day after!!! I got a little pedometer, which I pop in my pocket in the morning and it counts every single step I take all day long. I keep track of my mileage in an excel worksheet. The weight is now down to 82 kg (as of this morning) or 180 pounds (goal weight is 75 kg or about 160-something pounds). I didn’t really diet at all. If I feel like eating a packet of cookies I do so. If I feel like eating french fries I do so. And I don’t beat myself up about it all.

    Cheers Eva


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